︎︎︎Industrial Designer working in the fields of furniture, product, and housewares.
Creating meaningful objects for everyday life. 

︎︎︎Working as an independent designer for various brands, as well as personal projects and comissions for both private clients and residential projects I aim to create long lasting, carefuly crafted objects for domestic use.

︎︎︎Currently pursuing Advanced Studies in Modern Design and Traditional Craftsmanship in Kyoto, Japan; researching and working closely with material possibilities and ancient techniques.




Alto Chair 🪑

Stackable Chair made from solid wood. Designed for interior/domestic spaces.

Material optimization is the main inspiration for the object, made out of a single plank of solid wood of commercial dimensions.

Inspired by the Mexican vernacular chair, where an expression through form and proportion are visible, and the main appeal is materiality.  

The piece is made using basic methods for transforming wood and can be adapted to a variety of processes either artisan or industrial. Finished and stained using sustainable wood oil, applied by hand.

Various scale models and study models were made in order to get to the final result.