︎︎︎Industrial Designer working in the fields of furniture, product, and housewares.
Creating meaningful objects for everyday life. 

︎︎︎Working as an independent designer for various brands, as well as personal projects and comissions for both private clients and residential projects I aim to create long lasting, carefuly crafted objects for domestic use.

︎︎︎Currently pursuing Advanced Studies in Modern Design and Traditional Craftsmanship in Kyoto, Japan; researching and working closely with material possibilities and ancient techniques.




Monolith Table Lamp 💡

Lighting object with a small footprint, that casts a subtle warm decorative light on top of the surface.

Composed of two solid oak wood bodies that are shaped into its final form though a combination of manufacturing processes, incorporating both manual and industrial methods.

It’s design language comes from the process of manufacturing in itself, creating this monolithic yet inviting silhouette that is thought provoking as it comes from a solid body of wood.