︎︎︎Industrial Designer working in the fields of furniture, product, and housewares.
Creating meaningful objects for everyday life. 

︎︎︎Working as an independent designer for various brands, as well as personal projects and comissions for both private clients and residential projects I aim to create long lasting, carefuly crafted objects for domestic use.

︎︎︎Currently pursuing Advanced Studies in Modern Design and Traditional Craftsmanship in Kyoto, Japan; researching and working closely with material possibilities and ancient techniques.




Kamui Chair 🪑

Arm chair for interior and exterior spaces, inspired by traditional japanese joinery that allows a unique material expression in a variety of solid wood variants and fabrics.

Composed of an intersecting seat and backrest that are supported by a solid wood frame structure. 

The material variation and finishes allow for a variety of contexts within interior and exterior spaces, both residential and commercial.

Available to edition.

This chair was awarded with the first place in de AHEC Design Awards.